Formed in 2016, Truly Oreganic is a conglomeration of engineering, agriculture, innovation and business practices.



At Truly Oreganic our product is cultivated with organic practices using all natural ingredients. We specifically build our own true living soil so that our plants can organically grow to their full genetic potential by having the freedom to extract the exact amount of nutrients they need. To top it off, our plants are also fed the highest quality compost teas. By employing cultivation methods that are environmental-friendly and sustainable, we are able to produce healthier plants and tastier product. 




With our state of the art, fully automated, absolute darkness, light-deprivation technology, we are able to control our plant's light cycle and harvest our oreganic cannabis all year around. This first of its kind hybrid facility provides an ideal environment to cultivate indoor quality handcrafted cannabis. 




Situated on the southern coast of Oregon, the region provides great temperature and ideal climate for our Northwest chosen strains. Our geographical location near the coast gives added mineral nutrients to the plants as traces of potassium, magnesium and calcium contained in sea spray spread amongst inland soil. These nutrients are essential in growing good smokeable cannabis.