Truly Tubes

Bringing You Closer to Your Fortune


At Truly Oreganic, we refuse to use anything but the highest quality flower in our pre-rolls.

We will never use our bi-products, such as trim or shake, to make any of our handcrafted joints.

Every tube contains two half gram pre-rolls as well as a fortune (yes like a cookie, but better).

This makes a total of one gram per tube giving you two opportunities to smoke our terpene-rich cannabis.

Critical Kush in Jar by Window.jpg

Available Tubes


Oregon Huckleberry


Purple Wookie


Lavender Aura

Chocolate Mint OG

CBD Skunk Haze




We put deliberate thought into every step of our process to ensure we stay true to what we promise; Sustainable and Organic product.

We are just as mindful to our pre-roll process as we are to every inch of soil we use. We want to keep our promise through every step of our cannabis’ journey.

Every joint is hand rolled, every tube is hand stickered, and every one of our products receives our utmost attention.

Each tube has it’s own fortune script inside, so you get to enjoy your future with our pre-rolls

Our thoughtful experience doesn’t end when our packs leave the farm. We want every customer to be just as happy with our products as we are. Feel free to leave your comments or feedback here…