Truly Medley

Bringing Different Flavors Straight to Your Hands


At Truly Oreganic, we only use 100% flower cannabis when packing our prerolls. There are absolutely no trim or stems.

Each pack comes with four 0.625g joints for a total of 2.5g per pack. These quality joints consist of two different high-terpene strains.



Each pack is sealed in a air-tight wrap to insure a long-term quality product.
We believe in going the extra mile to ensure our product is of top-notch quality for a truly enjoyable experience.


Available Packs

  • Cultivation Classic Pack

    • Oregon Hucklberry (3rd Place 2018 Indica)

    • CBD Skunk Haze (1st place 2018 Hybrid)

  • Editors Choice Pack

    • Oregon Huckleberry (Indica)

    • Chocolate Mint OG (Indica)

  • Sativa Pack

    • Honey Badger Haze (Sativa)

    • Popavich (Sativa)

  • Mixed Pack

    • Oregon Huckleberry (Indica)

    • Popavich (Sativa)




Each Truly Oreganic Pre Roll Pack is handmade and
hand packed by our team with love and care.