Truly Medley

Bringing Different Flavors Straight to Your Hands

At Truly Oreganic, we only use 100% flower cannabis when packing our pre-rolls.

We do not believe in using any of our bi-products such as trim or shake to make any of our handcrafted pre-rolls

Each pack comes with four 0.625g joints, two of each strain in every pack.

This makes a total of 2.5g per pack providing a diverse selection of terpene-rich cannabis pre-rolls.


Available Packs

Sativa Pack

  • Honey Badger Haze (Sativa)

  • Popavich (Sativa)

Mixed Pack

  • Oregon Huckleberry (Indica)

  • Popavich (Sativa)

Hybrid Pack

  • Rainmaker (Hybrid)

  • Lavender Aura (Hybrid)

Cultivation Classic Pack

  • Oregon Huckleberry (3rd Place Indica)

  • CBD Skunk Haze (1st Place Hybrid

Editor’s Choice Pack

  • Oregon Huckleberry (Indica)

  • Chocolate Mint OG (Indica)


Every joint inside the pack is held tightly by grooves to avoid movement while on the road.

This stop accidents like breaking or bending as well as color coding what strain each pre-roll contains.

Each pack is heat-sealed to ensure the quality and freshness is as great as the first day.


We believe in going the extra mile to ensure our product is of top-notch quality for a truly enjoyable experience.


We put deliberate thought into every step of our process to ensure we stay true to what we promise; Sustainable and Organic product.

We are just as mindful to our pre-roll process as we are to every inch of soil we use. We want to keep our promise through every step of our cannabis’ journey.

The Truly Oreganic Pre-Roll Pack is handmade and hand-packed by our team with love and care.

Each pack also includes a thank you note signed and dated by the member of our team who made every joint inside.

Our thoughtful experience doesn’t end when our packs leave the farm. We want every customer to be just as happy with our products as we are. Feel free to leave your comments or feedback here…