Peeling Back the Paper on Pre rolls: How Are They Made and What’s Inside Them?

Before legalization, the occasional joint could sometimes feel like an old friend you only saw once in a blue moon. You’d maybe roll one out of necessity after breaking a pipe or for the convenience of having something to pass around while on the go or in the park with friends. Then there are those of us who simply enjoy the feel, taste and elegant simplicity of a well-rolled joint. They also make a great gift for friends or family looking to ease their way into the world of cannabis but unsure of where to start.

When you’re out of practice, or if you suffer from arthritis or any kind of chronic hand pain, rolling can be difficult — even when joints are your preferred method for consuming cannabis. If you do have rolling a neat, filtered and perfectly proportioned spliff down to a science, it’s hard not to see the appeal in a well-designed package of high-grade flower pre rolls. They’re ruggedly sharp and aesthetically pleasing, and they offer a convenient option in a marketplace that strives to make things simpler for every type of customer.

That said, a good idea doesn’t always beget a quality product, and pre rolls have a reputation for falling slightly below the lofty standards the cannabis industry has set for itself in recent years. Some of these products do fall short — most often because these lower-quality pre-rolled joints are made using just trim and the leaves and stems cut from the bud just before the curing process. Because the paper prevents the buyer from seeing the cannabis inside the pre roll, there’s a level of uncertainty in the mix that makes buying one filled with trim (even when it’s labeled to the contrary) more likely.

IMG_20180329_234826 (1).jpg

A better outcome is a joint prerolled with shake. When you move jars of cannabis around, pieces are bound to collect at the bottom, and pre rolls allow dispensaries to make use of everything that falls by the wayside. While some people think shake is low-quality cannabis, its merits largely depend on the quality of the product it came from and whether it’s been stored properly (because no one likes dry cannabis). Ultimately, shake is still all flower and can be used to make an exceptional joint when in the right hands.

At Truly Oreganic, we only use 100 percent flower cannabis when packing our pre rolls. The Boveda humidity pack we put in every box makes sure all of your joints are fresh and potent. These joints consist of Truly Oreganic’s signature high-terpene cannabis strains, locally farmed with organic practices (best browsed on Our Strains Page), so you can expect bold, funky flavors and relaxing aromatics (just wrapped in a slightly different package) for a truly enjoyable experience.