May has been a busy and successful month for Truly Oreganic!


Cultivation Classic 2018 Award Winner

We are proud to have participated in this year’s prestigious Cultivation Classic Competition and came home as an award winner for Mixed Ratio Greenhouse with Supplemental Light. 

Our award-winning strain is CBD Skunk Haze.

For those who are not familiar with Cultivation Classic, it is an event created in and for Oregon to promote organic practices, sustainable growing and regenerative farming. It is a competition produced to recognize quality craft cannabis and encourage those cultivars who put in the extra time and effort to produce them.

Our team believes that Oregonians do care. They care about the quality of the smoke, how their cannabis is grown, what went into the plant and did the process leave any negative impact to our environment. The industry has come a long way to where it is now. We believe that consumers deserve the opportunity to choose what is best for them, to smoke high-quality cannabis and to know which cultivars are growing with sustainable methods. We are truly thankful to the organizer of this meaningful event for continuing to support premium craft cannabis in Oregon.


Photo Credit: Resinated Lens

Photo Credit: Resinated Lens

Photo Credit: Resinated Lens


MJBizCon NEXT Live Stage Speaker & VIP Lead Cultivator Panel

One of Truly Oreganic’s main mission is to promote education, share knowledge and be transparent. At this year MJBizCon in New Orleans, the biggest marijuana business conference organized by Marijuana Business Daily, our CEO Akshay and our COO Charles were invited to attend as speakers to share our philosophy and to collaborate with other industry professionals.



Charles participated in the VIP Lead Cultivator Program where he was his group’s team leader in the discussion panel. The panel brought together industry experts to talk about current market, growing methods, innovations and future trend.



Akshay was invited as a guest speaker to deliver the topic on Cultivation: Leading with Sustainability & Integrity. To summarize some key points of his speech, Akshay share with others our commitment in sustainable farming by: 

  • recycling and reusing our soil

  • collecting and using only rainwater

  • using only all-natural dry ingredients - zero use of liquid or synthetic product


Akshay (Left), Ry Prichard,  Bong Appétit  (Center), Charles (Right)

Akshay (Left), Ry Prichard, Bong Appétit (Center), Charles (Right)

Our team had a chance to collaborate with many influential individuals who have made great contribution to the industry!