Cannabis Terpenes: The Amazing Oils that Help You Better Taste, Smell, and Know Your Strain

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard your fair share of colorful (and, let’s face it, groan inducing) names when choosing the right strain of cannabis. Each of these strains comes with its own intricate bouquet of odors, tastes, and physical and mental effects — all things you likely consider when picking your bud. When you think about your preferred flavor of cannabis, do you want a calming, pungently sweet burst of citrus, or a focused buzz, elevated by the scent of bright, festive pine? Is this OG (ocean grown)? And what are the THC levels?

It’s time to also start considering terpenes. You may have noticed that each Truly Oreganic product is listed with a terpene percentage and a pie-chart breakdown of all the terpenes in a given strain — handy information if you know what cannabis terpenes are, but not very helpful if you don’t. Simply put, terpenes are organic compounds found in a wide array of plant species and even in some insects that give each strain of cannabis its unique flavor, smell, and feel. While there are over 100 different types of terpenes found in different strains of cannabis, most strains contain a mixture of 10-15, with the most dominant terpene or terpenes dictating the strength and quality of the herb’s overall flavor and smell. Of these, pinene (pine), myrcene (juicy, tropical citrus, dominant in our signature Oregon Huckleberry strain), limonene (fresh citrus), caryophyllene (cloves, pepper, and spice, dominant in our signature Honey Badger Haze and Chocolate Mint OG strains), and linalool (flowers, candy, and more fruit) are some of the most common.  

For growers and connoisseurs alike, a budding awareness (no pun intended) of these compounds presents an exciting development in cannabis cultivation. While high THC content was once the industry’s primary concern, we now think of terpenes as vital to how our bodies process (and sometimes even block) that THC, plus they affect how much we enjoy the flavor and smell of our cannabis. The near endless strain permutations allowed by mixing these terpenes is especially appealing to artisanal cultivators, meaning we’re starting to see an attention to detail and boundary-pushing invention similar to our mad scientist kindred spirits in craft brewing and 3rd wave coffee. Comparing these industries only makes sense, after all, that same myrcene terpene that gives our Oregon Huckleberry it’s rich citrus-y flavor is responsible for that juicy, hoppy aroma coming off your favorite IPA.

At Truly Oreganic, we farm organic strains with high terpene levels in mind, boasting some with terpene percentages ranging from 1.731% to 2.93% and close to tripling the terpene percentage of many common cannabis strains. That means bold, funky, strong flavors and soothing aromatics guaranteed to elevate your cannabis experience in almost every way. Take a look at the terpene profiles on Our Strains page and get to know your terpenes before you make your next purchase. You may be some light research away from your new favorite strain.


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