Just In Time for Summer: What Ice Cream Flavor Pairs Best With Your Favorite Strain?

We all love mixing flavors. If you remember this overview of terpenes, it should come as no surprise that high-terpene, clean cannabis rewards the palate with a remarkable range of depth and flavor. And, in these first days of summer, it can be especially hard to resist the Pavlovian response invoked by the sounds of an ice cream truck. Cannabis and ice have always played nice together (see also: cannabis and ice cold soda water), so why not cannabis and ice cream?

No, we’re not talking about getting a little carried away with whatever’s sitting in the freezer. We’ve considered the flavor profiles of our most popular strains -- Oregon Huckleberry, Honey Badger Haze, Chocolate Mint OG, and CBD Skunk Haze – and we’ve paired them accordingly with classic ice cream flavors. So pick up your favorite Truly Oreganic strain and head to the frozen foods aisle. What better way to keep cool in this intensifying heat?

Honey Badger Haze - Vanilla

Vanilla is sometimes misclassified as bland or unexciting, even though it’s often anything but. When paired with something that compliments it “just so,” vanilla can transform to reveal hidden depths heretofore unseen. Take this killer combination (perhaps best attempted with a soft serve cone), which sees Honey Badger Haze’s mélange of limey citrus, piney hops, burnt sugar, and delicate lavender doing wonders with the one ice cream variety you’ll never need to look too hard for.

Oregon Huckleberry - Mango Sorbet

Huckleberry brings a lot of blueberry flavor at the onset – that is, before notes of citrus and cinnamon start coming into focus. This strain offers a complex range of flavors, so it makes sense to pair it with something simple and refreshing: delicious, summery mango sorbet. And, not to make things too complicated, but a swig of lime LaCroix wouldn’t be half bad as a chaser.

Chocolate Mint OG - Mint Chocolate Chip

Ocean grown in true living soil, Chocolate Mint (the strain, not the ice cream) does have hints of chocolate and mint. So, at first, it seems obvious – mint chocolate chip is a great flavor, after all, and any excuse to eat it is fine by us. But plain old chocolate ice cream isn’t a bad idea either. That hint of mint in the OG will provide a subtler variation on the classic combo.

CBD Skunk Haze - Lemon Ice

Lemon ice is even further from ice cream than mango sorbet is, but this Italian staple offers a tart sweetness that perfectly tones down Skunk Haze’s potent earthiness and, well, skunkiness – all while playing up the strain’s delightfully bright, citrus-forward flavors.

Of course, the best way to try a variety of flavors can now be found at your local Truly Oreganic retailer: Our new Truly Medley variety pack contains two of our signature strains in every box.


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