The Importance of Cannabis Storage (And How To Do It Best)

Nestled in a sock at the bottom of your sock drawer; in a ziplock prison, stashed beneath that one loose floorboard in your bedroom; tucked away on a bookshelf inside the hollowed out copy of Moby Dick. Choosing a cannabis storage solution is a rite of passage for many, a high-risk act of parental subterfuge that forces you to get creative with a limited supply of resources. Chances are, the cannabis storage solutions of your youth did little to keep your bud from enduring the ravages of unwanted heat, static or oxygen. As the quality of our stash improves, so do our methods of preserving and storing cannabis. And while cannabis doesn’t really ever go bad, there are many things one can do to keep it fresher longer.

For starters, the best material to use when storing your cannabis is glass. Plastic can be effective, but carries a static charge that causes it to cling to cannabis particles. This makes it hard to use those particles without thoroughly cleaning your container. A glass mason jar is a good choice in general, offering great humidity and oxygen control to maintain freshness, giving your cannabis all of the love that it needs to stay sticky and intact. Keeping different strains separated, by placing them in separate stash jars, will also go a long way to preserve flavor and taste.

Of course, once you choose your stash jar, you’ll need to figure out the best place for stashing it. It’s important that you don’t store your cannabis in a refrigerator, freezer or on top of any electronics that might get warm. Cold temperatures can seriously dry out your herb and alter its properties, while above average heat will do the same (while also encouraging nasty mold and mildew growth). Sunlight is an issue too. Harmful UV rays will seriously degrade your stash, so be sure to find a cool, dry, dark place—like a cabinet or low-light shelving—for the best results.


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