Water Quality and Cannabis

Water quality is of the utmost importance when growing cannabis. Without a clean supply of water it can be difficult to grow high quality product. Many growers within cities are forced to use public water sources that are loaded with unwanted additives that harm plants. In this situation filters are needed to remove as many of the adulterants as possible. Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration is the most common method used to clean water and bring ppm/ec to an usable level. It is common to hear growers boast of their Reverse Osmosis water having a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measurement that falls between 12 to 20 ppm. Truly Oreganic has one thing to say about RO water, our water can beat your water up.

All jokes aside, at Truly Oreganic we are very proud to talk about our water source. Rain-water, simply put, is the best source for feeding your cannabis plants. The water used to keep our ladies happy and make Truly Oreganic teas comes directly from rain collection. With no treatment our ppm is initially between 6 to 8. Talk about a perfect starting point! We bring our water to the next level by adding Cal/Mag and raising the ppm to 30. The extra calcium and magnesium act to boost the micro-life in our soils giving us explosive growth.



Did I mention that we use no filtration equipment! You heard me, that means no filters that need replacing, no worrying about pH levels, and no changes in the quality of our water supply. We simply have collection tanks that store the water that falls on our greenhouses. It could not get any better or any more simple than using fresh water directly from its original source. Keep on growing fellas!