Cannabis Greenhouse Production

So you want to increase your growing production?

You should really consider investing in a greenhouse to increase your ability to grow. We are a huge fan of greenhouse cultivation simply because it allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds - indoor and outdoor growing. Inside a greenhouse, your plants can enjoy natural sunlight while being shielded from outdoor pests, dust, and most importantly the changes in temperature throughout the year. A well-designed greenhouse facility allows you to closely monitor your growing environment and produce all year round.


1. Be innovative

Greenhouses are completely customizable and give you the flexibility to think outside the box. Growers are not limited to the size of the growing area, the type of production method and the kind of product you can grow. Also, since greenhouses are so customizable, you are able to use “in-ground soil culture, container culture, or hydroponics” (Johnny Seeds).

At Truly Oreganic, our greenhouses are custom-designed and built around our crop and control systems. Our starting operation has two greenhouses: a 30x48 ft for the vegetative growth and a 30x96 ft for flowering. In addition, our custom brewed compost teas and greenhouses make an unbeatable combination as claimed by Home GuideUsing compost and planting in a greenhouse may be two of the best decisions you can make.


2. The Greenhouse that beats the street

In the past, nearly all cannabis has been grown indoors in warehouses due to the need for secrecy. However, the tides have turned with this uprising legal cannabis era, growing in a greenhouse just makes more sense than in a warehouse. Utilizing top of the line double ended HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and metal halide lighting with the added benefit of natural sunlight allows for all the benefits from indoor growing as well as the full spectrum light from the outside environment.  On top of all the benefit for the plants, it will also help to make your utility bill much more cost effective!

Our cannabis greenhouses are built with top of the line technology and the latest agricultural equipment. Our systems include components such as motorized light deprivation, high efficiency exhaust fans, circulating fans, and propane heaters. All of these integrate into an efficient system to give our plants a healthy environment for an ideal growing climate.


3. A good investment for the long haul

As Livestrong points out “For gardeners, a drastic and unforeseen change in weather patterns can mean death even for carefully tended plants in an outdoor garden.” One bad winter can kill your whole harvest and ruin months of hard work. Most of the already established outdoor producers harvest only once a year because they cannot control their surroundings. Growing in greenhouses, we can harvest monthly, throughout the year, and with stronger crop yields. Our production will be consistent in quality throughout the year.


To summarize…

We are in the market to raise awareness about organic Cannabis towards the Cannabis connoisseur. Making the decision to invest in greenhouses along with the proper tools and supplies needed to perfect our operation, we believe we can live up to our customer’s and our own expectations. This is why we are following through and using our “Oreganic” recipe and compost teas to provide the smoothest and the cleanest tasting cannabis the market has to offer.