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Truly Oreganic is an award-winning licensed OLCC recreational producer devoted to providing ocean grown cannabis crafted with 100% oreganic practices. We believe in building a sustainable and eco-friendly environment to cultivate products that appeal towards the cannabis connoisseur pallet.



Truly Oreganic Farm is based in the beautiful Bandon on the Southern Oregon Coast. Find out about our facility and the growing methods that we take great pride in.  

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Our Flower

Ready to find out more about our signature strains? The flowers grown with our unique methods have yielded higher terpene profiles, more flavorful taste and aromatic smell.  

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what our customers say

Marcus and I were about to sample Honey Badger Haze for the first time. I expressed nervousness about lighting a joint in the house because my mother was visiting. My mother is a lovely woman who has never smoked cannabis before, and has very limited experience with the plant. Her only association with cannabis is, as she puts it—while wrinkling her nose— “that harsh, acrid smell.”
We bravely sparked up while she was in another room. Within minutes, she passed through and asked, “Did you light incense? Something smells really nice.”
She couldn’t believe we were actually smoking a joint. She joined us in conversation, and if her comfort level around our smoking is any indication, she may one day join us for a hit of Honey Badger Haze!

Honey Badger Haze: an incredibly sweet smoke with an on point high that’s functional and smooth, while leaving you feeling relaxed, uplifted and deeply satisfied with life.
— Kat Nadel, Green Valley Wellness

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